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The Center for Healthy Schools and Communities (CHSC) works to improve health and education outcomes for Alameda County youth through partnership with schools, school districts, service providers, health advocates, policymakers, community partners,
youth, and families. CHSC is a department of the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency.


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We began as School Health Services Coalition in 1996 with 4 school health centers. Today, as Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, we impact thousands of students and families across Alameda County through our programs and initiatives that help create full service community schools.

The Center for Healthy Schools and Communities has:

  • Created critically needed access to health services for youth in low opportunity communities, supporting over 50,000 youth health care visits each year at 26 school health centers across the county.
  • Strengthened schools' ability to offer high quality, culturally responsive behavioral health care supports by building and strengthening services at 160 schools in 16 county school districts.
  • Cultivated youth and family leadership by investing over $11 million in youth development and family support programs across the county, including the REACH Ashland Youth Center.
  • Convened cross-sector partnerships that take a collective impact approach to supporting children, youth, and families, including 11 Healthy Schools and Communities Initiatives.
  • Partnered with schools and districts to invest a total of $100 million in a continuum of youth friendly, accessible, school-based health and wellness services across the county.

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